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Regular Car Wash Price

What's Included?

  • A quick hand wheel clean that includes semi-glossy sprayed tire shine.
  • A hand wash with Ardex Car Soap with carnauba wax.
  • A vacuum on the interior areas that can be vacuumed.
  • The used of a compressed air gun to remove dust and dirt from hard to reach areas.
  • Hand dry with a clean drying towel.
  • Interior wipe down to remove dust and dirt from seats, consoles, dash, doors and radio. 


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Regular Car Wash Man Cleaning Car

Who is it for?

  • A regular car wash is great if you washed your vehicle last month or before.
  • Also, you know your car was waxed recently.
  • In addition, the leather feels good to you, and you think there is no need to recondition it yet.
  • Last, you want someone that wash your car the way you would wash it if you had the time.

When we don't Recommend it?

  • First, you take your dog with you in the car(schedule a Combo or a Full Auto Detail instead).
  • Second, you have too many bugs on the bumper (schedule a Combo or a Full Car Detail instead).
  • Third, you will like to see the inside of your wheels completely clean(see our Full Car Spa).
  • Fourth, your car has tree sap or bird droppings (see Car Wash upgrade options below).
  • Last, you are selling, trading, or just bought your vehicle.



Regular Car Wash Dirty Car

Car with car wash products


What Products Are Used?
In detail, the regular car wash is the root of all our other packages. For that reason, the products we use for it are pretty amazing. First, we use Ardex Pink Car Soap with Carnauba wax. Second, we used Ardex Green wheel cleaner. Third, Meguiar's interior clean. Fourth, Meguiars liquid wax to apply while drying.  

Regular Car Wash Available Upgrades

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Car Spa Van with porsche

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