Unsurpassed reputation, years of experience and competitive car detailing price

We are Jose and Diana, the husband and wife founders of Car Spa Orlando. We started Car Spa Orlando because we saw the need for real quality detailing in the area. Although there are many car washes, detailing shops, and mobile detailers, we found them either lacking good customer service, reasonable car detailing price, intimidating, not welcoming or not trustworthy.

That’s why we figure out that by putting ourselves in your shoes we could offer you the best car detailing services you could ask for. We thought about what would be really important for us when getting our car detailing. Moreover we did not forget to improve in ways we could offer very competitive car detailing price

 First, we shoot for convenience. We make ourselves available over the phone, by text, email, or at our shop. Online appointments, vehicle pick up and delivery, mobile service and walk-ins are welcome.

 Second, we make sure you are treated the way we would like to be treated when getting any service ourselves. That is with enthusiasm, respect and  integrity. Also by making sure that we do what we say we are going to do and that we are where we said we were going to be. 

Last but not least, we make sure we do honest work and that you truly get the value of what you are paying for. We do so by negotiating the best deals on the best products, training with the most recognized brands in the industry like 3M and Nasiol, and treating each car as if it was our car. 

Along the way, we have achieved a great response from our clients with incredibly consistent excellent reviews that surpass those of all of our competitors. Moreover, we have a working relationship with big clients like 3M, Progressive, Lexus, Tesla and Ford that we have kept over the years by making a difference and offering  trustworthy work.  

Moving forward, we would like to be the go to place to get quality car detailing work. We want to establish growing relationships with our clients so that getting their car detailing is a pleasure.