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Why Detailing Your Boat is Important

Cleaning and applying protectant can save you a lot of money down the road. Keeping the gel coat fading and cracking can extend the life of your boat for many years. Also, Keeping your seats clean and applying a uv protectant will also extend their life by avoiding cracking and fading. Boat Wash Orlando brought to you by Car Spa Orlando

You will also help retain the resell value of your boat. A boat that has obviously been maintained will command a much higher price when you go to sell.

Cleaning the Hull of Your Boat with a boat wash Orlando

Cleaning the outside of your boat is a lot like cleaning your car. A good hand wash and wax can go a long way.

Start by rinsing the exterior of the boat with your hose to remove and dirt. Mix up some automotive soap in a bucket. Don’t use dish soap on your boat. Give the gel coat a good hand washing and remove what you can. Dry the boat off with a chamois or towel and let it drip dry for awhile.

Once the boat is completely dry you can apply your wax. Never wax in direct sunlight. put a coating of wax on the whole exterior coating and let it dry well. Once it is dry use a clean towel or microfiber cloth to remove the wax and buff to a shine.

Finding the Best Boat Wax

Most boat waxes do a great job of restoring a shine and adding protection to your gel coat. Below are three highly rated marine waxes that you can’t go wrong with.

 Meguiar’s Premium Marine Wax

3M Marine Restorer and Wax

Star Brite Premium Marine Polish Boat Wax

Cleaning the Interior of Your Boat

What you will need:

  •             All purpose cleaner (Simple Green, 409 etc.)
  •             Upholstery Protectant
  •             Scrub brush
  •             Old Toothbrush
  •             Carpet Cleaner
  •             Plenty of old towels


Cleaning the dash of your boat shouldn’t take to long. Most dash Boat-Dashareas are fairly small with limited gauges and buttons. Use your general cleaner on a towel to wipe down the dash. Use the toothbrush to get those hard to reach areas. Once you have it clean, apply the protectant and using another clean towel wipe off the excess protectant.


For open bow boats most of your interior cleaning is going to be focusing on seating. Cleaning boat seats can be a little challenging if you use your boat for swimming. Sun tan lotions can transfer from the body to the seats. This lotion can then act like a magnet attracting soil and making your seats look grimy.

Before using your general cleaner on your boat seats, test a small inconspicuous area to make sure the cleaner is not going to discolor. If your cleaner is a concentrate mix it only as strong as you need to get the job done. Remember to never let the cleaner dry on the seats. Only work on one small section at a time.Boat Seat Cleaning

Spray cleaner on a one foot by one foot section and use your large brush to work it into the seat material and into any cracks and seams. Don’t scrub to hard. If there is a stubborn spot just wipe it off and reapply cleaner. Towel dry immediately. Move on to the next section working from the top down until you have all the seating areas cleaned and dry.

Now apply the protectant to the seats and wipe off any excess. Do not let it dry on the seats before wiping them down. Use the same method of working on small sections at a time.


Lastly, you can clean your boat carpet with a spray bottle or can of carpet cleaner. Most boats do not have a lot of floor space so it can be cleaned by hand. Start by vacuuming up any loocleaning boat carpetse debris. You can do this with a shop vac or a regular household vacuum with attachments. Spray the cleaner on a two foot by two foot section and use your large brush to agitate the carpeting and scrub any stains. Let the cleaner dwell for approximately ten minutes then use a clean towel to wipe up the cleaner. Move on to the next section. Use a clean section of the towel on each new area.


If your boat has a windshield you can use any glass cleaner on it. You can also use your own mixture of half vinegar and half water in a spray bottle. This also makes a great general cleaner. Use clean towels to wipe clean. You can also use newspapers to clean windows. They don’t leave streaks but they do turn your fingers black.

Not Up To Cleaning Yourself? Tips on Hiring a Pro for Boat Wash Orlando like Car Spa Orlando

If you would rather hire a professional to detail your boat then there are a few thing to keep in mind.

Boat Detailing Prices– Just like a car or truck, prices for detailing services can vary greatly depending on what you need done and the market you are in. Some full service shops will be able to buff the exterior with compound and polish will some will only offer wash and hand waxing. Make sure you know what you are getting up front.

Ask Around- If you have friends or relatives that have boats see if any of them have used a boat detailer in your area. Referrals are usually going to yield the best results when looking for a detailer.

Research Online– You may not find many boat related reviews for detailers but you can get an idea of their level of service by reading their general reviews. If the reviews are generally good related to their vehicle detailing, they are probably going to deliver similar results for boat detailing.