A full car detail is essential to maintain your vehicle and should be done two to four times a year.
If you are getting ready to sell your car and would like to get the best possible price for your vehicle we recommend you See Full Spa Detail instead.

A full car detail is for maintaining your vehicle in good shape and temporary protect the paint. We offer semi permanent protection for the paint, leather and upholstery in our upgrade section. 

360 wheel detail and a sling less tire dressing including wheel wells.
Hand wash with Ardex Car Soap with carnauba wax.
Vacuum interior including shampoo of seats and carpets***. Leather cleaning on leather seats.
cleaning of all empty compartments and hard to reach areas.
Hand dried with a microfiber towel, and wax application by hand**.
Interior wipe down to remove dust and dirt from seats, consoles, dash, doors and radio, all compartments, windows, door jambs, trunk and hood.

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