Car detailing is essential to maintain your vehicle. At Car Detox, formerly known as Car Spa Orlando you will get a completely personalized service from a team of professionals that have been doing car detailing in Orlando for many years. We offer three detailing packages that are completely customizable to get you exactly what you need. These packages are the maintenance detail, the express detail and the full detail.

The maintenance detail is the package our regulars get after doing an express or a full detail. You could do a maintenance detail weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and the price for these start at $60.00

Differently, the express detail is the package to quickly bring your vehicle back to completely clean This Express detail could be done every two months or less often.

 Lastly the full detail is for the perfectionist. This is our white glove service, and our all time favorite, a real treat for your car, bike, truck, SUV, RV, or boat.


What you get!

  • Completely personal service. Only what you need.
  • Peace of mind. Certified, licenced, insured.
  • Convenience. Online booking, mobile service, vehicle pickup and delivery, top of the line shop and waiting area.
  • Cutting edge detailing technology options. Partners with 3M and Nasiol nano technology.
  • Excellent communication. You will know exactly what you are getting and how much the cost is.
  • Security: our shop is monitored by one of the best security systems and surveillance to protect what is yours.
  • And we are really nice. It just comes very easy to us.


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