Car Wash Orlando Menu Introduction

This is a complete car wash Orlando and detail menu for regular cars, SUVs, and Minivans. If you are here, you probably like to have some more detail about our car detailing prices and what they include. We hope you will allow us to serve you and meet your mobile detailing expectations.

Car Wash Orlando Menu and Packages




Express Detail 

Hand wash and dry
Door jambs wiped
Wheels and tires clean
Tire shine application Spray wax


Interior Express Clean

quick Interior wipe down
Quick Vacuum air freshener
Compressed air
Windows cleaned


$125.00 - $165


Car Wash Additional options

F-11 Upgrade
Trim restoration
Engine wash
F-2 Ceramic Coating
Interior Shampoo
Quick Clay 
$50.00-$150.00 each



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Full Detail

Hand wash and dry
Wheels detail
Door and trunk jambs
Tires cleaned and shined
Wheel wells cleaned
Quick clay & wax


Interior Auto Detailing

Vacuum detail (inc. trunk)
Compressed air
Windows windshield windshield
Interior detail
Interior Shampoo
Leather Clean and conditioned


Exterior & Interior Auto Detailing in Orlando

Interior and Exterior Combined



Individual Full Auto detailing services

Headlight restoration and coat
Seats and Carpets Extractor
Headliner clean
Seat belts clean
Deep clay process
Steam Clean
Ozone Machine
$50.00-$150.00 each

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Full Spa

Deep foam Hand wash/dry
Deep Clay paint prep
Engine detail & Headliner spot clean
Wheel detail and protection
Door, trunk, gas lid and hood jambs
tires cleaned and shined w/shine and gel
Wheel wells cleaned and shined
Chrome polish and tree sap removal
buff wax or polish with available coat upgrade
$120 Per Hour

Interior Spa

Vacuum detail (inc. trunk)
Compress air
Windows, windshield and rear glass
Interior detail and protection
Interior Shampoo
Carpet and seat light extraction
Leather cleaned and conditioned
$120 Per Hour

Exterior & Interior Combination



Individual Spa Detailing Services

1 step F2 coat prep polish with iso wash  $200.00 -$300
Nasiol 3 or 5yr ceramic coating application$995.00-$3045.00
Scotch-guard Paint Protection Film $200.00 - $14,000.00


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Why booking with us?

First, when you select any of our car wash, car detailing, or car spa package you are selecting professional grade detailing at a fair price. Second, we care, not only of your car and convenience, but that you are satisfied with any detail job we perform. Third, we work hard to build an excellent mobile car detailing reputation with over fifty five star reviews. fourth, we strive to be on time and let you know ahead if we are running behind.

 Moreover, we are green and care about our environment, your health and our health. Therefore, we buy what we can by in bulk to reduce our plastic consumption, We use battery powered detailing equipment and electric equipment to reduce our gas consumption. In addition, we spend far less water than we used to when we started. 

Not to mention, we would would love for you to take advantage of booking your car wash online, over the phone, or simply sending me a text. The only information we need is your name, telephone number and the address you want your car detailed. At Car Spa Orlando we strive to be on time with every appointment and our customer service is always improving as well as our detailing abilities. 

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