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Ceramic Coating Package

Sedan (Default)Nasiol ZR53 (3 Years)Nasiol NL272 (5 Years)
New Vehicles (Minimal Paint correction)$$
New/Used (Multi step Paint Correction)$$

What's Included?

  • Your choice of Ceramic Coating: Nasiol ZR-53 (3 years of protection) or Nasiol NL-272 (5 years of protection) Other choices available at lesser prices. The above are just the best and what we recommend.
  • Multi step wash to clean every part of the interior. After that, Clay bar every paint surface of the vehicle.
  • Iron-X application(kind of a chemical clay bar process) to remove certain small and microscopic contamination.
  • Iso wash with Car Pro erase. (this will be done several times from this point on. 
  • If you are ceramic coating a new car we will polish the car with a special Meguiars/3M pads and Meguiars/3M polishers.
  • If your car needs some paint correction we will wet sand with the highest grade 3M sanding paper compound and polish the whole vehicle or the areas that need to be paint corrected. (this step might be necessary in some brand new vehicles as well. (This is an upgrade and it is additional to the base price.)
  • After, we will do an additional Iso wash and start the application of the Ceramic coating that was selected.
  • Additional protection is offered for the upholstery, Leather, glass, and plastic trim.


Picture of a ferrari portofino with a nl272 ceramic coating bottle on top of the hood protected with small microfiber towel.

Picture of a Ferrari red Portofino getting a polish

Who is it for?
Our ceramic coating fuses with the paint resulting in a  stronger coating. You will be less likely to see damages and scratches in the future. The product will make washing your vehicle much easier since dirt and other debris wont stick as easy. 

This process is recommended for new vehicles and vehicles that you plan to keep and care for them. Also for vehicles that you already applied ceramic coating and they are due to coat again. 

Also, for everyone that likes to wash their vehicle and want to remove bugs and tree sap easier. In addition, if you like to wash your vehicle but do not wish to have to wax it every three months. 

Simply, just the fact that it makes your car wash less demanding and it protects your car against some scratches and other damages I would recommend it to everyone with a vehicle. 


Who is it not for?


If your car has too many paint problems already you may be better of passing on ceramic coating. 

Also, if you don't have your vehicle hand washed by you or a professional but instead, you regularly take your vehicle to a car wash for a machine to wash it (touchless car wash included), then you would not put ceramic coating. Instead we would recommend to get a full detail every six months.


Full Spa Detail Who is Not For Picture of Car with Scratches

Image of ceramic coating installation kit featuring Iron X Sprayer, Eraser Sprayer, 3.0 cquartz car pro ceramic coating

What Products are Used?
Clay bars, many pads, DA, High speed machine, Iron-X, Car Soap, Erase for the Iso wash, new rags (washed), wheel cleaners, Meguiars polishers and compounded (numbers vary per car) and Nasiol NL272 or  Car Pro Quartz 3.0 (your choice).

What Upgrades are Available

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UpgradeAverage Price
Car Pro Leather (1 year protection)$
3M Scotchguard protection (3 months reapplication recommended)$
Nasiol Glass shield (2 years)$
Nasiol MF2 Wheel protection (6 months)$
Cerakote plastic trim protection (3 years)$

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