Mobile car detailing is a professional service that brings a full-scale car detailing to a given location. Some companies offer full car washes which is a thorough and traditional car wash which requires more equipment and overhead requirements and is therefore more expensive. Another option is called a waterless wash which uses a formula that is heavily lubricated and mild cleaning agents to clean the car’s surface without a hose and bucket. Waterless washes will provide a smooth finish to the car without any scratches and cost less than a traditional car wash.
Mobile car detailers will typically use five main products in the detailing process including:
• Glass cleaner specifically tailored to the vehicle
• A tire shine with a specified level of gloss
• A specialty rim cleaner
• Microfiber towels
• A stiff bristled wheel brush
Another thing to consider when washing a car is whether you want to have an interior or exterior wash. An exterior only wash will clean the paint, windows, tires, and rims and the outside of the car. However, an interior wash will clean the entire inside of the car including cupholders and air vents. The floorboards and seats will also get vacuumed leaving behind no debris or dirt. If the car has leather, a special conditioner would be applied to prevent damage from UV rays.