There are great advantages to having your car ceramic coated. Ceramic coatings act as the first defense against scratches, dirt, and water and have a resin or quartz base that harnesses the power of nanotechnology (using fine small particles) to spread across the surface of a car and fill in any pores within the paint. Once these particles evaporate, they will leave a shiny outer layer.
For most cars ceramic coating can enhance the appearance but for some cars where the paint is too thin and there are many defects the process may not be as effective. The clear coat in these cars will lock in the debris and defects. A professional ceramic coating can protect the paint of a car for up to five years before any replacements are needed.
A ceramic coating provides protection against:
• Water—the ceramic coating is hydrophobic and will shed water beads instead of causing water damage
• Chemicals—chemicals such as those found in bird droppings, generic cleaners, gas, and brake fluid are the first target for ceramic coatings and prevent paint from fading or peeling off
• UV rays—a ceramic coating can prevent the car from looking less aged and help with the appearance of oxidation and fading paint
• Scratches—Ceramic coatings are very effective for handling scratches from bushes, bikes, and pedestrians
You will still have to wash your car after a ceramic coating but it will not have to be washed as frequently. Dirt will not be as resistant during a cleaning.