Bird Dropping on Car

A Bird Dropping Story

Bird droppings on a vehicle can be more of a problem that we think. A few years ago I was driving a brand-new GMC Sierra. The truck had all the bells and whistles including black leather and sunroof. I remember a day after I washed it and detailed it inside I forgot to close the sunroof when I got home at night. At that time, I wasn’t parking it in the garage. The next day I found a little gift from what I think were at least ten birds who apparently aimed right to my sunroof when the decided to poop. It took me hours to detail my car that day.

A common Issue

At that time, I didn’t put much thought to it. I just went ahead and cleaned it right away because it was gross to keep it there. It turns out, that was the best decision I could have made. A couple of years ago I started working for a 3M subsidiary that sells appearance warranties for Lexus and some other car brands. On a weekly basis I must inspect vehicles that have damages to their paints. One of the most common causes of paint damages is bird poop.

A car with bird dropping

Benefits of acting fast

If you live in Florida, you may think the worst enemy of a car paint is lovebugs. Despite, lovebugs usually give you two weeks before they start damaging your paint beyond repair. In contrast, bird droppings may give you just a few hours before they do irreparable damage to your vehicle.

How to prevent irreparable damage

In my case, calling a detailing company would have been the best option for you. However, if only one of a couple of bird poop got into your vehicles paint there is a quick solution you can do. If your can is not terribly dirty, always keep a water bottle and a clean microfiber towel in your car. Damp the microfiber towel and gently wipe down the bird dropping. You must do this extremely gently; therefore, the maximum weight you can apply to your car paint with the towel is not heavier than your hand.