Does My Car Needs a Shampoo?

This picture is a pretty extreme example of a car that needs a shampoo. However, many people think 

their car does not need a shampoo just because they can’t see a stain. The fact is, that a shampoo is part of a basic maintanance people should do to their cars regularly. 

Normally, people should vaccuum their cars about once a  week. The vacuum will remove a lot of the dry dirt. For example, dust, dirt, dry snacks, paper, and so on. Neverthe less your vehicle also gets hit with wet stuff on the interior all the times. For instance, entering with your should when wet, sweat, liquid spills (including water), and a lot of other wet stuff. Now, the vacuum is not really good at removing this stuff. Therefore, this liquids and stains, sometimes not even visible, start getting worst and deeper into your seats and carpets.

The solution to this is regular shampooing. Lets back up a second, I am not talking about, hard core water extractor shampooing that you do on a house. You would do that in very extreme cases. And to be honest, I would not recommend it. At Car Spa on Wheels we realize it is much better to regularly shampoo our customer vehicles, than having to do one deep extraction shampoo once the car is filthy and full of stains. This is why all of our mobile detailing packages include one level of shampoo on the seats and carpets.

Our regular mobile detail customers never have to worry about permanent water/sewet marks on their seats, or irremovable stains on the carpets. It is much better for many reasons to regularly maintain your car. In this case, because stains become worst with time. 

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