Car Washes vs Mobile Detailers

Car Washes vs Mobile Detailers

Having work for dealers, car washes, auctions and my own mobile detailing company Car Spa on Wheels, I believe I have plenty of insight about the car washing business. I normally don’t like to generalize, but I am going to say this: In general, mobile detailers are more convenient, trustworthy, and offer better results than local car washes.

Before washing cars I was a customer that used to pay to have my cars done. I tried everything and realized a great advantage about getting a mobile detail.

Mobile detailers are more convenient

. With a mobile detailer you get your car wash at work, at home or anywhere. Furthermore, you are able to select the time and the day you want to have it done. For example, at Car Spa there are no canelation fees of any kind. You are able to pay with cash or card. Lastly, most mobile detailer come fully equiped with their own water and electricity.

The last time I went to a car wash they broke my antena, and the car wash did not take responsibility for it.

Mobile detailers are more trustworthy

. In general, they are professionals with years of experience detailing cars and they are usually the owners of the company they are working for. For instance, at Car Spa Orlando, we want your business and we wouldn’t do anything that would risk loosing you. We will also be more careful with your car for the same reasons. We want referals and want to impress you with our work so you can see and feel the diference. Last, tmobile detailers want to get paid without any arguments so they will be very clear with the price before hand.


Car washes vs mobile detailing. Owner of car Spa Orlando washing a silver Cadillac CTS
Car Washes vs mobile detailing.

Since I have been a customer, employee and an owner of car washing places. I woud tell you that

mobile detailers wash cars better than car washes

. A detail tech takes more time to detail your car, and wash it by hand. In contrast, a car wash tries to finish the cars as fast as they can. They use machines and inexperience people to do so. Mobile detailers research the products they use in orer to offer the best results. In Contrast, car washes buy their products in bulk, water down their products to save money. In summary,whatever generates them the most money they will do.
In conclusion, if you have never try a mobile detailer like Car Spa Orlando and Car Spa on Wheels, you should try it. Even if you think you are happy with your car wash you should call us once. We will give you a more personalized experience, better work and maximum quality. In the long run; you will see how the more time, better products, and sometimes even better prices keep your vehicle in better shape and your wallet fat.