Choosing the right RV detailer is just as important as the detailing process itself. To find a good detailer, ask your network of family members, neighbors, friends, and community members to see what they liked and disliked about a particular detailing service and how much it cost to use that service. It is critical to choose the right RV detailer as using the wrong equipment or chemicals to clean and detail the RV could lead to significant damage.

Most RV detailers charge by the foot and exterior detailing prices can range from $9 to $35 per foot. If there are any signs of oxidation it could cost more to have the exterior detailed. As a rough estimate of cost, a small RV being detailed at $39 per foot and receiving a full exterior and interior detail, will cost $1,365. A medium RV ranging from 21 to 27 feet that is often used to camp at state and national parks can cost between $200-$350. A large RV between 28 and 39 feet can cost between $300-$400.

To reduce the cost of RV detailing, you can request fewer services, negotiate prices, do some of the work on your own, or search for more reasonably priced companies. Decide what services you truly desire for your RV and what services can be omitted from the process. Some other factors to consider are whether you need the interior and exterior washed or simply just the exterior. The interior can be cleaned by a cleaning company not a detailer. A professional will do a better job though as they have more experience and knowledge of RV detailing and have specialized cleaning products and vacuum attachments to get into places you may not be able to access yourself.