Car detailing is a service that ensures that your car will look nice and work well for the long term but an important factor to consider is affordability. Some types of work that car detailers do include washing, waxing, detailing the exterior, vacuuming, deep cleaning, and detailing the interior but these services do not necessarily have to cost a fortune.

Basic services such as washes or interior cleanings can cost less than $100 while comprehensive services such as exterior or interior detailing can cost several hundred dollars. More advanced detailing services such as re-coloring the paint or repairing dings, dents, and chips can cost thousands. It is certainly worth considering your budget before deciding how extensive you want the detailing service to be.

The average range of prices for detailing services varies by the size of the vehicle. For an average sized vehicle basic car detailing services such as washing, waxing, interior vacuuming, interior polishing, window washing, and tire cleaning can cost between $80 to $125 while the same services for an SUV or van can cost between $95 to $150. Most car detailing services will offer packages with more detailed work such as paint touch-ups, synthetic paint sealant, undercoating for wheel wheels, engine washes, and mold removal from air conditioners can cost even more depending on the size of the vehicle.

What is good to note is that car detailing prices vary by region. If you live on the West Coast or a resort town, prices are more expensive reaching up to $800 for a comprehensive detailing depending on the vehicle. The East Coast is more affordable ranging around $300 for the same services. What matters is the weather conditions the vehicle is exposed to as to what car detailing will cost for a driver.

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