RV detailing much like car and boat detailing is just as important a process for ensuring the longevity of your recreational vehicle. Professional RV detailing is a great option for making sure the job is done properly and will use techniques that will leave you satisfied with their work. It is a process just like other types of detailing but in the end it will all be worth the effort.

Detailing a motor home or RV can take up to a few days with some parts of the exterior detailing including roof cleaning; bug removal; overall washing including awnings; tire cleaning and protecting; clay-bar paint decontamination; polishing and swirling removal if necessary; paint sealing; wheel cleaning and polishing; glass cleaning; and adding a water repellent to the front glass. It is important to choose the right professional RV detailer so that it leads to professional results.

To get the right results, there are ways to determine what the issues are. For example, if you feel that the paint needs decontamination, feel the vehicle and see if it is slick and smooth with high gloss and reflectivity. To determine if the vehicle needs a clay-bar decontamination you can feel grit by placing a sandwich bag over your hand and rubbing the bag over the paint surface.

Speaking of paint, you may want to consider paint polishing or swirl removal. This can be professionally done by using a random orbital buffer that removes swirls. To finalize paint detailing, apply automotive polymer sealant as this type of sealant will last longer than carnauba wax products, are easier to apply and remove from the paint, and make cleaning the vehicle easier.

You can do some of the work on your own but to save time it may be a good option to choose a professional RV detailer for a smoother and quicker process. These professionals know what they are doing and the right one will do it efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner by using less water in processes such as steam cleaning.