A full car detailing has been an all time favorite for the majority of our clients over the years. It is also known as a mini detail or basic full detail.

A full car detail is excellent for clients who maintain their car clean. Cars that are kept on a garage and are washed and waxed regularly or that have ceramic coating.

On a complete full car detail we will use several tools so that you will be impress with the finish on the exterior and with the attention to detail in the interior detailing.

We recommend this complete full detail every two to three months unless you are on our monthly, bi-weekly or weekly maintenance package.

If you want a more complete package we offer a complete full presidential detail package.






Detailing Upgrade Price
Deep cleaning Shampoo (for accidents related to coffee spills, urine, throw up, liquid food etc…) $50-$120
Steam clean (for melted crayons, gum, slime, etc…) $25-$60
Clay-bar process (for exterior contamination and to better prepare the paint for wax or sealant.) $60-$200
Headlight Restoration $150
One Step Polish (For better finish) $120



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