How do I keep my vehicle from bad odors?


Bad Odors Car Wash mobile detailing Tips for preventing smells. Even though we sometimes get used to it, being on a stinky car is just not pleasant and often really embarrassing. This article will be useful to prevent odors from staying in your car in the future. Next week I will talk about how to eliminate odors.  


Common sense is the most important aspect in order to prevent odors from coming to our car and staying there. If you leave your home trash inside your car (including trunk) for over 5 min your car will start smelling bad, the longer the trash stays there, the harder it will be to remove it. So for those who live in apartments, think of the health benefits of walking to the main garbage and do not take the trash in the car. Same principle goes with dirty clothes, mold, old food, dead animals and so on.


Eating inside the car may be the most common reason for vehicles to have strange odors. The following foods are foods I do not recommend you eat or drink in the car: milk, garlic, kale, meat, potatoes, eggs, and fried foods.  In the other hand; you may eat snacks like dried fruits, cereals, nuts, rice and some others. These are foods I have seen inside cars I have detailed, but they don’t seem to have a big effect on how the car smells. To be 100% safe, do not eat or drink anything on the car.


To wrap up the preventing part, I will write something for those who like to smoke. Even though it seems pretty impossible to smoke on the car yet have the car smell to smoke not, smoke odors are bad odors. I once had a client who smoked a lot inside her car, with the windows up sometimes. To my surprise, her car did not smell like cigarettes. What was her secret? Well, she simply kept a water bottle half full of water. She would smoke and leave the ashes and used cigarettes floating in the water. This alone seems to do the trick for smokers.
Even if you are already doing all these tips,  remember that detailing your car and maintaining it vacuumed and clean is necessary in order for any of these preventive measures to work and to keep bad odors out. Whether you do it yourself or not, you want to keep your car cleaned to be able to prevent it from smelling bad. I hope these tips help you out in the future.

Eliminating an odor is a hard process. We write car wash and mobile detailing tips to help you, this time to prevent bad odors. However, Do not hesitate to give us a call (407) 796-1727 or book a mobile detailing car wash with us! Book a Car Wash if you have bad odors in your car.We are here for all your mobile detailing and car wash needs. We have Orlando Car Wash, car wash orlando, Sanford Car Wash, car wash sanford, Oviedo Car Wash, car wash oviedo, Maitland Car Wash car wash maitland, Kissimmee Car Wash, Winter Park Car Wash, car wash winter park, Lake Mary Car Wash, car wash Lake Mary, And Car Wash near all these areas.


Car Wash mobile detailing Tips By Jose Ghersy