Eliminate Car Odors tip

How to Eliminate car odors

How to Eliminate car odors

How to Eliminate Car odors? this is no uncommon question. I hope this article helps you.

Car Wash mobile detailing Tips for eliminating smells. What was the worst smell you have experience in a car? Was it your car or someone else’s car? What did you do? If you are experiencing a stinky car, this steps to take out the smell will definitely help you!
first, Lower your windows, turn on your AC high for a few minutes and check your AC filter.

Second, take everything out of the car and trunk, clean and vacuum deeply. Take your time on this step. If the odor is gone, you are done.

Third, put baking soda all over the carpets and cloth seats and let it sit for two days. Put a towel or cover where you will seat temporarily.

Fourth, vacuum and repeat step three is there is still a smell.

Fifth,  get an odor neutralizer. Hopefully one that is very dry, and spray it on all the ac vents. Do that for at least three days, and do not over use the spray.Don’t spray more than one second per area.

Last, if you want to avoid all those steps, call a professional (407)796-1727. We can get this done in sometimes less than two hours and often less than $60.00

To have a professional detailer do this job call us (407) 796-1727 or book a car wash with us. For more car wash and mobile detailing tips, keep tuned and like us on facebook