Prevent Love Bug Damage

prevent love bug damage

Prevent love bug damage

Prevent Love Bug damage

Car Wash mobile detailing Tips for love bug damage prevention.  It is Love Bug season again! Many people ask me how to prevent or to correct love bug damage. There are tons of products available to apply to your car before and after these bugs crash into your vehicle; However, they are costly and most of the times do not work. The only way to prevent damage to your vehicle almost free would be to immediately after noticing the bugs in your bumper and mirrors wipe with a soft and clean microfiber towel damped in water and dry it with a different microfiber towel.

The longer the bugs are there and the more accumulation of bugs make the necessary task a little harder. What I do with my vehicles is that every chance I get, I wipe the bumper and mirrors. For example, after it rained, while filling up the car with gas, etc…

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