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Mobile detailing services provided by Car Spa Orlando are the best mobile detailing services offered in Central Florida. As a result, we make sure we do all we can to be on time on our appointments and make it easy for you to book appointments with us, pay us and give us feedback to make sure we are doing it right. Once the appointment is made, we will text you when we are on our way. Then we will start working on the vehicle after doing our recommendations and agreeing on the work and the price. We will then let you know when we are done. Finally, pay us with cash or card, and

ask for our group services for more than 5 cars!

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Mobile detailing services car hand wash vehicle

Hand Wash Orlando

A hand wash is included in every exterior service we offer. Seems like a hand wash takes more time that taking your car through a car wash machine; however, it cleans your car much better and most importantly it does not damage the paint or components of your car. A hand wash requires much less water and includes wheel wells, door jambs, undercarriage, and glass cleaning.

Interior Car Clean

We take auto detailing seriously

, so even if you are just doing an regular interior cleaning we make sure your car is really clean when we give it to you. An interior clean includes vacuum, compress air, wipedown, and interior window clean. We clean in between your seat, center console, and every cup holder and door.

Mobile detailing services car interior clean vehicle

Mobile detailing services car clay bar application on vehicle

Clay Bar Detail Service

After 12 years detailing vehicles in Orlando we have the experience needed to protect and make your vehicle shine. Hence, we have available clay add on that we recommend before waxing your car. It is an extra step that will insure maximum shine and protection. without clay the wax does not have the same effect so we include a quick clay in every full detail. However, some vehicles might need extra clay and we will inform you about it before starting the job.

Quality Vehicle Wax

Vehicle wax is essential to the health of your car's paint. We recommend to always spray wax your vehicle after a hand wash. Claying and waxing your car should be done every 3-6 months depending on your driving habits. When we do a full detail, we clay, spray wax and hand wax your vehicle with the best reviewed wax in the market.

Mobile detailing services car wax application on vehicle

Mobile detailing services car interior detailing vehicle interior protection

Interior Vehicle Protection

Interior protection auto detailing is as important as exterior auto detailing. Consequently, keeping seats and carpets stain and odor free is key to being happy with your car. Furthermore, protecting interior components from melting, breaking, and ripping apart is important. Especially relevant, it will keep your vehicle's value up. A full detail will include interior protection and stain removal.

Car Headlight Restoration

One of the things that will change how your vehicle looks is to restore the headlights when needed. first of all this is not purely a cosmetic gain, but also will increase safety. While this is not included on a full detail, it is definitely part of auto detailing and it will save you the money you will have to spend in new headlights. Therefore, you should have us restore your headlights if they need

Headlight Restoration

Mobile detailing services car headlight restoration on vehicle

Mobile detailing services car shampoo vehicle extractor

Interior Vehicle Shampoo

Carpet shampoo and extraction will remove stains from your carpet and seats. Furthermore, it will eliminate odors. Finally it will take out liquids that have penetrated through the carpets and seats.

Auto Paint Polish

As an extra, we can polish the paint of your vehicle. This will restore the paint; furthermore, it will take some scratches as well. However, this process requires very expensive products and years of experience. Paint polishing your car may cost anywhere from $90 to $400. However, not all the cars qualify for paint polish.

Mobile Detailing Services car paint polish vehicle

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