Our Paint Protection Film is backed by 3M ten year warranty, and our unmatched customer satisfaction.  The film has self healing abilities and will prevent rock chips, bird droppings, tree sap and road bugs from damaging your vehicle. We also do something unique which is putting ceramic coating to your ppf so that washing your vehicle becomes much easier since dirt and other debris wont stick at all.

Paint protection film cost may vary, it depends of the areas were you would like to installs the ppf.

Detailers installing pain protection film in a SUV

Protecting your vehicle with paint protection film is the best choice of protection for any vehicle. We take pride of this type of work and we make sure that we go above and beyond your expectations. At Detox o we will not only install your paint protection film but we will make sure that we prep your vehicle with the highest standards in the car detailing world. We have many options to coat the film as well so that it last longer than it was designed to and most importantly so that the maintenance of your vehicle becomes even easier. We offer all the ppf options 3M has and have different packages of protection. We recommend paint protection film pro series on new or restored vehicles or vehicles that could be paint corrected to a close to perfect finish. Otherwise there are other kinds of ppf we could recommend for a more temporary protection need. 

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