Choosing the right boat detailer is just as important as the detailing process itself. A good boat detailer is one that is available year-round to maintain a boat. The question is though—how do you find the best and most reliable boat detailer?

One way to get a recommendation for a boat detailer is to network and ask a dock neighbor, staff members at a boat supply store, who marinas recommend, and the company that you purchased the boat from. A good boat detailer should be able to provide insurance and a business license; use products made for gel coat and boats; not use harsh chemicals or cleaners; provide references; provide an estimated time for the boat detailing; and possess experience working on different types of boats.

Boat detailers can be found through listings on Google, Boaters Directory, The Boaters Yellow Pages, and on Yachtworld. Business cards may also be posted at marinas and boat supply stores. You can choose whom to call based on the information on the cards and ask the detailer what their experience is, the products they use, what their process is for washing a boat, and their rates for service. What makes it an easy decision is when only a couple companies call you back about detailing your boat which narrows down your options.

After you have hired the right boat detailer, you should be specific as to what your expectations are for the detailer. Be clear and straightforward with your expectations and make sure that the detailer understands exactly what you’re looking for in the work they are doing for you. This is a great way to ensure the quality of the job is what you’re looking for and that it is cost-effective.